Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Out With A Whimper and January Haps

I haven't posted on here lately, as things have been kind of chaotic and busy. 2007 went out with more of a whimper than a bang. Over the holidays, I wrote a song about how I don't like Christmas. On New Year's Eve, I went out on the town with a couple friends. We proved there's nothing more futile than desperately trying to will a good time into existence while sensible folks are drinking at hotels or home with loved ones, watching Times Square on tv.

I've had a cold off and on for the last three weeks. Not atypically, I've been poor, dirty, and tired; staying alive by eating every variation of rice and beans I can come up with. I finally made some money mid-January and was able to enjoy it for a whole day before mailing all but 54 cents of it to my insurance company. It's been hard to find work lately. I wonder how "excellent handy's" looks on a resume. I never really considered it a talent, but I can't remember giving myself a bad one.

Otherwise, I've been playing guitar, scriptwriting, and consolidating computer data in preparation for a backup of my digital heap. I think it can be a dangerous impulse for someone to want their whole life digitized.

What are my nieces going to think when one gives me a finger painting and I say, "It's a great picture, but what am I supposed to do with it? Do you think you could scan it first and send it as an attachment?" They'll probably stop giving me finger paintings and start just giving me the finger.

I suppose there really are some things that won't fit on a hard drive. (For everything else, there's MasterCard?)

I've been playing with Twitter a little more recently. I'm following a number of other people's "tweets" as the savvy micro-bloggers call them. There are some different ways people use the service, ranging from immensely informative to painfully self-indulgent (that would be me). One user I follow exclusively posts interesting quotes. Another posts comic book news. Another posts hot deals available on the internet. I'm hoping that by following some people who make great use of Twitter, I may eventually be able to put together better posts than "just ate a fudgecicle," or "bathroom break...brb!"

Anywho. There are more posts and internet antics on the way. I've just been a little swamped lately. I'll be back in full gear in a couple weeks, so stop back by for more here and on my other blogs (linked in the sidebar). Hugs and slobbers.